Online Inductions
for staff & contractors

Online Inductions and safety training programmes can be a time consuming activity.  Induct ePass provides a fast, efficient and cost effective method of delivering safety inductions before staff and contractors arrive on site.
online induction software

Save time & Money

Online inductions can be completed online from any location.  This reduces the time and stress placed on your employees, but also helps to kick start your new start and refresher inductions without worrying about face to face delivery.
online induction software

Customised Reporting

We’ll help you to structure your reporting modules to fit your exact needs.  Need an automated setting to simply email your reports to you?  We can do that no problem.  We’re here to help make this a simple and efficient method of tracking your user progress and activity.
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Reduce Safety Risks

Inductee’s won’t visit your site until they are fully aware of any associated risks.  Question and answer facilities allow you to develop or upload a checkout to ensure that the minimum standard of safety has been understood and absorbed by the candidate.
online induction system

Responsive Layout

Your online inductions will be available from desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  Simply register or use your existing profile to login and access the required induction from wherever you are.  It’s quick and easy deployment means you can spend time where it really matters.
inductions online

Increased Efficiency

Online inductions can be carried out remotely to help reduce the amount of time your staff are away from critical tasks.  Inductees watch the video or presentation online, complete the quiz, and print a temporary access card.  No red tape, no fuss.
inductions online

Induct Globally

Induct ePass has been developed to support global organisations, so you’ll have no issues inducting users across sites, locations and continents with a single profile.

Induct ePass makes inducting staff and contractors easy!

Induct Online....a simple solution that makes sense

Induct ePass offers clients a value added solution to an old problem.  How to induct a diverse workforce spanning across departments, disciplines and locations without losing large amounts of time and money?  Our administered system means you don’t have to dedicate precious resources to managing inductions.  Find out how…
Versatile Setup Options
We don’t like limitations.  So we’ve made it easy and flexible for you to choose what works best for your organisation.

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Use a combination of both

inductions online
Choose from our extensive 3D video library to tailor safety induction requirements to your organisations needs.  If you don’t have induction material already, don’t worry – we’ll help you tailor-make an induction that delivers safety awareness to your workforce, while still costing less than face to face delivery.
Online Safety Induction - PPE

Personal Protective Equipment

Online Safety Induction - Fire awareness

Fire Awareness

Online Safety Induction - Housekeeping


Online Safety Induction - Manual handling

Manual Handling

Online Safety Induction - vehicle safety


Online Safety Induction - waste

Waste Awareness

Online Safety Induction - Golden Rules

Ground Disturbance

Online Safety Induction - NORM

Working at Height

Online Safety Induction - environmental

Environmental Awareness

Online Safety Induction - comah


Online Safety Induction - Fire awareness

Noise & Vibration

Online Safety Induction - emergency response

Emergency Response

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