Online Induction FAQ’s

Safety Conversations are an integral part of the induction process. So how can inducting online help?

Safety conversations are only effective when individuals have retained the information.  All too often, critical safety information is never absorbed due to low levels of engagement.  Gone are the days when powerpoint was enough.

Generations Y & Z need more modern tactics to grab their attention and the reality is that more and more companies choosing to utilise Induct ePass’s extensive 3D library have seen a dramatic step change in both the delivery and feedback on safety induction format & content.


Just a few reasons to consider using Induct ePass…

Online Induction FAQ's

Fast Delivery

Valuable time sitting waiting to be placed onto an induction could be used more productively.  That’s why Induct ePass users register themselves and save up to 75% more time than traditional delivery methods.  An access log of user progress is sent to our clients once the user has completed or passed the relevant safety standards set by your organisation.
Online Induction FAQ's

Engagement Levels

Safety Inductions that take more than 2-3 hours often fall flat with Generation ‘Y’.  Increased levels of engagement are needed for retention of the safety induction materials.  In an ideal world this would always be face to face.  But if no one is listening, alternative methods need to be explored.  That’s where our 3D Safety Induction library has proved invaluable.
Online Induction FAQ's

Lost Revenue

Inefficient induction processes are frustrating for the inductee and often lead to long periods of time that are wasted while waiting.  Induct ePass has a high engagement level and an easy online delivery method.  Access logs & records are easily produced for each and every user to ensure safety standards are met.